The Future

Using film to reposition Swire Pacific for the future

APV Swire Pacific, The Future video
  • Stage Screenshot - Swire Pacific
  • Girl Looking Outside Screenshot - Swire Pacific
  • APV Swire Pacific, The Future video

We Thought

Traditionally, Swire Pacific’s brand films have featured a montage of its range of businesses. This is a global group with an illustrious 200-year history, so that’s one way to capture its breadth. But what about where it’s going next – what about the future? Capturing this was our challenge. We needed to reveal and glamorise what sets Swire apart – the immense scale and diversity of its assets, from real estate to marine and aviation operations.


We Made

We built the narrative around a presenter who represented Swire’s future. Scenes of skyscrapers and Boeing Airplanes filmed at unexpected angles, emphasise the drama in the businesses Swire Pacific runs. The film opens with a demonstration of Swire’s transformative power – the transition of Taikoo Place in the 1960s up to today. As our globetrotting presenter moves through time and space – we shot in China, Copenhagen, Singapore and Hong Kong – she unfolds the story of how Swire’s five divisions all contribute to one overarching strategic goal: value in diversity.