Manulife Asia: content for a new direction

A year-long programme of digital videos to communicate a new strategic direction

APV Manulife, A Man, A Pug and A Vision video
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We Thought
APV partnered with Manulife to use video as the starting point for its core internal communications and employee engagement for 2015/16. Manulife Asia had set an ambitious strategy: to help its customers achieve their dreams and aspirations. It was our job to turn that into a clear narrative and set of messages that would engage and motivate 14,000 staff across Asia.


We Made

Under the guidance Manulife’s innovative and forward-thinking Internal Communications Team, APV helped launch the campaign with a three-minute video hosted by Manulife Asia’s dynamic new CEO, Roy Gori. Shot in and around Hong Kong, it gave people a glimpse into his personality and his vision – and it featured a pug dog. Why? Because, as we said to our client at the time, every video is a better video with a pug in it. The video has since been retitled: “A Man, A Pug and A Vision”.


Then came an internal monthly Manulife TV programme, Featuring Asia, to showcase stories about customers, staff and culture that aligned with the strategy. Filmed on location in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and at Manulife’s global HQ, Toronto, the show was so successful that Manulife took it from an internal communications TV show to an external TV show – you can now view Featuring Asia on YouTube.


We Inspired
“Partnering with APV has enabled us to take a strategic approach to creating video content. Together we’ve not only created compelling content that has set a new tone for Manulife Asia, but we’ve programmed and targeted it in a way that drives both employee and customer engagement”

–Carl Soady, Director, Internal Communications, Manulife Financial Asia Limited.