Hong Kong Disneyland: A 5-episode reality series created exclusively for YouKu

What happens when China’s hottest actress meets a feisty 5 year old? 


Hong Kong Disneyland Sun Yi and Mia
  • Actress Sun Li at Hong Kong Disneyland - Screenshot 1
  • Actress Sun Li at Hong Kong Disneyland - Screenshot 2
  • Actress Sun Li at Hong Kong Disneyland - Screenshot 3

We thought

Hong Kong Disneyland approached APV with an interesting challenge. How to educate parents in China about the amenities and facilities available at Hong Kong Disneyland? Hong Kong Disneyland and APV both agreed: we wanted to create a gripping web video series first, and put any product or facility mentions second. We decided to create a reality TV series starring Sun Li (孫儷), one of China’s hottest actresses. Her nickname is “The Queen of Television”. In 2018, she won the “grand slam” of TV Awards (the Flying Apsaras Awards, Golden Eagle Awards and the Magnolia Awards). What we didn’t know is that she also worked briefly as a performer for Disney back in her early days.


We made

We created a series called “辣媽小包包” in which Sun Li has to entertain and delight a strong-willed five year old, played by the adorable superstar-in-the-making, Mia. A dedicated micro-site was created by YouKu specifically to host these videos. Filming at Hong Kong Disneyland was fun, even though Sun Li was followed by surprised and eager fans throughout the day!


We inspired

The micro-site garnered almost 2 million views upon launch and some of the comments from viewers included “I haven’t been to Hong Kong Disneyland in 10 years, now I really want to go.” and “I’ve watched and watched it again and I still want to watch some more!”