Repositioning a theme park resort

A micro-movie series to capture the magic of Chimelong for a new audience

APV Chimelong, Love in Ocean Kingdom video
  • Girl Seeing Mirror Image Screenshot- Chimelong Ocean Kingdom - Resort
  • Couple Screenshot- Chimelong Ocean Kingdom - Resort
  • Couple Proposing for Marriage Screenshot- Chimelong Ocean Kingdom - Resort

We Thought
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai is one of China’s largest tourist resorts, but it was relatively unknown outside its regional base of southern China. We hoped to engage potential visitors in Hong Kong, Taiwan and south-east Asian markets with a new online mini-film series.

Our idea was to appeal to a young global demographic with a universal theme: love. Chimelong would become the backdrop to a series of intertwining love stories.


We Made
We created a series of 30-second teasers each ending on a cliff-hanger that prompted people to go through to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom website to watch the full seven-minute film entitled “Love in Ocean Kingdom”. Storylines were simple and poignant. Versions were made for different markets.

Love in Ocean Kingdom features, among others, a typical family of four struggling to enjoy their holiday, and a young, troubled couple from Hong Kong. We see how the relationships between the characters change as they’re moved by the exciting experiences they have at the resort.


We Inspired
In the Hong Kong market alone, the digital films garnered over 2,000,000 impressions on YouTube, outdoor displays, Facebook and other social media channels in the first few weeks.