Jetset TV

Programmatic video content for Cathay Pacific’s Cabin Crew

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We Thought

Cathay Pacific came to us with an idea for a monthly internal TV show to inform, engage and entertain its Cabin Crew. APV created a concept for the series, which we called “Jetset TV”, plus a channel identity and brand packaging. As we’ve heard from our corporate clients many times: “our younger staff wanna watch, not read” so video becames a key component of internal communication.


We Made

We cast members of the Cabin Crew as our presenters – a good way to create early buzz and involve the Cabin Crew from the onset. The programme of content included company news (this was spun off into its own weekly show), training updates, profiles, competitions, campaigns and lifestyle segments. Resources can be limited so we were careful to devise an efficient workflow and strike a balance between ‘evergreen’ content that would be replayed multiple times (e.g. a guide to scheduling) versus ‘one-off’ content (e.g. holiday messages from senior management).


We Inspired

As part of Jetset TV, we devised and delivered Cathay Pacific’s first ever flash mob. Keeping it a secret was tough and fun at the same time – several of the dance rehearsals took place during odd hours. The sight of 115 Cabin Crew dancing together became one of the airline’s most-viewed marketing and fundraising initiatives that year. The campaign even won South China Morning Post’s Operation Santa Clause Award for “Most Creative Fundraiser”. The flash mob was such a success, we did it all over again a year later at Hong Kong International Airport.