This Time it's Personal

Personalised films for been-there, done-that marketeers

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We Thought
How do you grab the attention of seasoned marketing professionals who have seen it all before? How do you make a busy senior executive open your email when their inbox is overflowing? How do you ensure your video will be viewed?

That was the challenge the Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association (ASPMA – now known as ICON) set for us when we were asked to promote its annual Hong Kong conference. Our solution was to create personalised films – 795 of them to be precise.


We Made
We created 795 personalised films for the APSMA members: individualized (if that’s a word!) with their name, the company for which they work, and a highly targeted call-to-action. The films were sent out as ecards that took recipients to their very own landing page where they could see their unique film.


We Inspired
The e-card open rate in the first three days was 42.9 per cent, compared with an industry average of 17.8 per cent. The click-through rate was even better: 12.8 per cent compared to an industry average of just 2.1 per cent. And the buzz was fantastic. We heard that heads popped from cubicles when someone received a video with their very own name on it. Personalised videos work! Get in touch with APV if you would like us to create a personalised video for your customers, staff, partners, stakeholders…or even your family and friends at Christmas time!