IPO roadshow presentation

Telling the story behind the world’s biggest IPO

APV Alibaba, IPO roadshow presentation video
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We Thought

Before raising US$25bn to become the world’s biggest IPO, Alibaba faced a challenge: it needed to find a way to explain each of its myriad services to potential investors outside of China. We came up with a concept for six rapid-fire films that would be shown during Alibaba’s 10-day IPO roadshow. The idea was to demonstrate the company’s potential by showing the impact it has had on daily life in China.


We Made

For each of the six films, we set a maximum of two minutes running time and a consistent, recognisable format designed to introduce the different Alibaba services and its extensive eco-system: from Taobao, Tmall to Alipay. Viewers were walked through each service by one of Alibaba’s senior management team as we cut between real-world footage of each service in action and animated infographics that explained how they worked.


We Inspire

APV watched with great pride as Alibaba founder and modern business legend, Jack Ma, and his team gathered to ring the famous bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Just a few years later, APV had an opportunity to work with another China-founded business as it listed on the US Stock Exchange: ZTO Express, which became the biggest US IPO of that year. Our work with the wonderful team at Alibaba continues: we were honoured to win a gold and silver at the 2019 Muse Creative Awards for a case study video for Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund.