Alicia Sing

Assistant Producer

Alicia is a new generation visual storyteller with a keen eye for what makes a captivating image and story. She has previously worked with Director/Producer Roxy Reznavy for Wifi Rider, and assisted in the production of Channel 4’s Captain Beany, building a strong foundation in short documentaries. Alicia has also worked on Faded. a music video by Lyves, and other narrative shorts. She recently produced the short film Invited In which premiered at the New York Asian Film Festival 2021.

Alicia’s corporate experience includes work for clients such as JLL, WeWork, MTR, Hong Kong Ballet. Alicia has worked across budgeting, scheduling, cost reports and reconciliation, kit hire, transcriptions, talent management, and release forms, as well as on-set assistant producing, with experience in both the UK and Hong Kong,

When she’s not at work, you’ll find Alicia enjoying the sunshine on the beautiful hills of Hong Kong.