APV Director, James Bedford

James Bedford


James spent about five years shooting & directing & producing extreme sports – documentaries, promos, live OB’s for broadcast for the likes of Channel 4, BBC, Sky Sports, Outdoor Network, Extreme Channel, online.

However he decided he needed some more drama in his life so he made one award winning short ‘For Reel’, which led to his first set of commercials for Lynx, starring Har Mar Superstar, for MTV/Comedy Network. Before he could get stuck properly into commercials he was snapped up as Head of Content & Creative for BTMevio, a start up online entertainment network. Grew a team, worked with lots of talent,  made content from comedy, fashion, music to even a show about talking to dead people and sometimes dead pets too.

It all got a bit serious though so he needed some comedy in his life so he left and made a feature film – well to be precise he co-launched Itsourmovie, a digital crowdsourcing platform where the public voted in the cast for the comedy feature film ‘The Flirting Club, which he also co directed/produced.

It was fun but he needed more busyness and also business in his life so he went and made 732 films, commercials & content pieces for brands and agencies. Some big, some small, some  very well known &  some obscure. To be fair we made this number up. Even James doesn’t know how many it is, but it’s lots.  He also won a few awards along the way – DMA, Cannes Lyons, Webbys, IVCA, NYFF.