APV Director, Bestor Cram

Bestor Cram


His career as an independent filmmaker began when he urgently needed to find a way to communicate to the hearts and minds of those who had already dismissed an opportunity for dialogue.

His feature documentary work, most of it non-commercial and expressive of his work as an artist, generally comes from ideas inspired by a current event or the experience of someone else’s artistic endeavor.

Today Bestor serves as a member of the boards of the Massachusetts Production Coalition and FILMA, and as the president elect the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers. He is also the recipient of a Massachusetts Fellowship and the 2009 Imaginaries award.

He is married to a Boston College Professor and a parent of two children. He lives in Newton, MA and we participate—vigorously. He says that his life as an artist is always a struggle. That’s neither a complaint nor an obstacle: just the recognition of the challenge.