The Butler Story

We followed a group of trainee butlers from Macau to Paris to learn the art of classical French service.

We Thought
Billed as the world’s most luxurious hotel, The 13 is a Baroque-inspired hotel with 200 palatial multi-level villas, an invitation-only L’Atelier and home to the only branch of L’Ambroisie, outside of Paris. The 13 aims to recapture the values of the golden age of personalised luxury.


That’s where we came in. Guests at the hotel will be treated to a 24-hour butler service and The 13 was sending its butlers to Paris to train in the art of classical French service. Our challenge was to capture the butlers’ stories in a way that would bring the hotel’s values to life, especially its commitment to investing in the aspirations of the people of Macau.


We Made
At its heart, this is a story of transformation. We wanted to create a cinematic documentary that still captures the real thing, that still moves us. We filmed the butlers in Macau as they prepared for their journey and then followed them over to Paris where they trained with world-renown Miss Marie-Claude Metrot.


We used a Ronin rig to stabilise the camera in order to achieve majestic, slow-gliding shots (at 120 frames per second). These gave the the shots a sense of drift, and the feeling that the camera – and our butlers – was quietly

discovering the space.


Filming took us from stunning squares to fabled Michelin-starred restaurants. We even landed a helicopter on the lawn of the Baroque Villa du Comte, where our butlers were serving afternoon tea

to Her Royal Highness Princesse Tania de Bourbon Parme.


We Inspired
The Butler Story has been used to promote The 13 Hotel in everything from recruitment

to events and OOH and on Macau TV.