Speaking 10 languages at once

Brand films for an Asia Pacific audience

APV Prudential, Speaking 10 languages at once video

We Thought

Prudential wanted to produce a series of brand films that could be used to build awareness across Asia, particularly so it could be used by its smaller offices with limited marketing budgets. The challenge was this: how to create a master two-minute long brand film that could then be re-cut into three 30-second films and seven 10-second films that would feel “local” to each market.


We Made

Although only shot in Hong Kong and Singapore, thanks to our art department and some clever scouting, casting and styling, we were able to turn two cities into eight different countries. We used a touch of red in every scene to hint at the Prudential brand no matter how the final versions were cut.


We Inspired

The core brand film and the shorter versions were dubbed into local languages and distributed across Asia via TV and social media. The film was a big hit – receiving more than six million online views in eight months.