A Day in the Life

A recruitment tool to attract new graduate talent to Morgan Stanley Hong Kong

APV Morgan Stanley, A day in the life, recruitment video dragon boat

We Thought

Morgan Stanley Hong Kong wants to attract the best candidates from across the world in direct competition with London and New York. After interviewing a number of candidates we saw that it’s not just the job that attracts new graduates to Hong Kong, it’s the city.

From this insight, we decided to focus on three recent graduates and tell their story through “a day in a life”.


Morgan Stanley wanted us to work with real staff and so we cast three graduates across Sales and Trading, Investment Banking Division and Global Capital Markets.


We really wanted to get under the skin of what it was like to be a Morgan Stanley Graduate and spent time speaking to staff to find out what life is like in their teams and the advantages of living in Hong Kong. We also really wanted to get a feel for life inside and outside of work.


We Made

We had a lot of locations to shoot in just four days, from the dizzying heights of Hong Kong’s tallest building to the dragon-boating in the Pearl River Delta Morgan and trekking in the Kowloon mountains. We built the narrative up in the edit using the sound bites from each of the three graduates so that they owned the story.


We kept our camera footprint low with the Canon 1DC and a trusted set of Ultra Primes under
the stewardship of Kokei Leung. We the films to feel natural so we worked with available light where possible. The colour grade was done on Film Master by the Production Office and the music was sourced by Felt Music, mixed by Giggle and composed by Pete Jones.