APV Director, Lee Devine

Lee Devine


A former car salesman trying his hand at film and advertising, Lee was born and raised in London and now resides in Hong Kong. Lee has worked as an editor, TV producer and agency department head, but where he feels most at home is on-location working with crew and talent to nurture exquisite images and inspired performances from those around him.
Through his work, Lee demonstrates a particular affinity with cinematic realism, full of authenticity and beauty which gives his films a unique texture and tone. He relishes the opportunity to bring a simple story to life in a visually arresting way that evokes a subtle yet candid emotional response.
His work includes projects for New Look, Bayer, NCR, Nokia, Morgan Stanley, Bayer, HSBC and Skype. With a plethora of interests outside of directing from writing to creative direction, Lee brings an abundance of ideas to any collaboration.